Training Academies

  • Police In-Service Training
  • Instructor / Supervisor Scheduling
  • Academy Curriculum Management
  • Hosted Solutions / Payments
  • Reporting / Audit Trail
  • TCLEOSE Rosters Online Submission

Intelligence Systems

  • Intelligence Notebook
  • Master Name Indexing
  • Gang Member Tracking
  • Suspicious Activity Reporting
  • Photo Storage / Linking
  • 28 CFR Part 23 Compliant
  • Secure Hosted Solutions

Consulting Services

  • Needs Assessments & Requirement Gathering
  • Computer Aided Dispatch Systems
  • Records Management Systems
  • Mug Shot / AFIS Systems
  • In Vehicle Video Systems
  • Information Technology Services


We have stayed on top of new technologies to better
facilitate solutions for every size and environment.

Our guiding philosophy is solutions for intelligence and security built by law enforcement practitioners. With our combined 100 plus years of law enforcement experience, IntelAware is a unique solutions provider. Within state, county and local governments as well as the private sector, cost effective solutions are always in demand. That is why IntelAware provides hosted software solutions with SaaS - software as a service. Our SaaS model means all users need is access to the internet which reduces the deployment, training, time, and your over all investment.

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